I've been playing music since I was six, but it was only in 2020, during COVID lockdown, that I really got serious about it. I started by releasing music on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. with great success! You can listen to that music in the player below or CLICK HERE for more options. 

A little later, a friend of mine, who is a wedding videographer, proposed creating a new website together that provides original music exclusively to wedding videographers - it's called Wedding Scores - we'll be bringing on more composers soon, but right now I'm the principal composer. I'm very excited about our website and I hope you find it useful! 

I have many project ideas for the future, including my Emberwood Project, a multi-media project I'm doing with my daughter, and a number of songs with vocals that are not yet released. 

I hope you enjoy my music. Please use the CONTACT page if you have questions, comments, or business inquiries.