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I know. It's not at all photography related, but I started a new website called The Nutrient Review 

For a very long time, I've been interested in photography, but I've also been interested in nutrition and health for an equally long time. On The Nutrient Review, I will be reviewing health products such as supplements, but also writing articles like this one: 18+ Ways to Improve Your Sleep - interestingly, this knowledge has helped me as a photographer. I know how to get a better night's sleep, I know what to do when I'm anxious, and so on. These issues can affect anyone's ability to do their job, though, so I hope that I can help people find the natural solutions they are looking for. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!








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Invisibility Cloak? How To Fake it in Video https://aarongrubb.com/blog/2018/1/invisibility-cloak-how-to-fake-it-in-video Hi All, 

this is a preliminary post. I will follow it up with a full how-to. If I get a lot of interest from this post, I'll hurry up and post the how-to. For now, I'll post the video below and say this: I've seen the video around that claims to be a Chinese government official showing off some cloaking technology in the form of an 'invisibility cloak'. My first impression was that they used a green screen to achieve the effect. I proceeded to look it up on Snopes.com and they verified that it was, indeed, a hoax. and that they likely used a green screen (aka chroma key) like the one in THIS LINK. I took this as a challenge to see if I could do it and how long it would take. 

I've been using the video editing software DaVinci Resolve for a couple of weeks and my knowledge of advance features is very limited. You can download and use it FOR FREE. It's just as powerful as its competition, so it's worth a look. I then looked up a tutorial video about how to use the green screen with the program. The video was 10 minutes long. I then filmed the following video which took me about 3 minutes. All in all, I probably spent 30 minutes researching, shooting, and editing to produce an effect similar to that which you can see in the popular chinese video...and with no prior knowledge of how to make it work in any video editing software. My grandpa always said, "don't believe everything you hear." Well, this now applies to video, too. Be skeptical. 

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Correcting Green Skin Tones in Portraits https://aarongrubb.com/blog/2017/12/correcting-green-skin-tones-in-portraits One problem that I run into from time to time is "off-colors" caused by the sun reflecting off of grass or by mixed lighting - for example, natural light mixed with artificial light. When at a wedding, sometimes it's unavoidable. Obviously, it's a common problem, so I wrote an article and an accompanying video to show how to fix the problem. Within the article is the link to the video, but you can watch it here if you'd rather:



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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers https://aarongrubb.com/blog/2017/12/15-christmas-gift-ideas-for-photographers It's hard to know what to get for your friends and family at Christmas time, no matter who they are, but as a photographer, I know that it can be difficult to choose a gift for the photographer in your life. I recently wrote an article on Photographers' Cooperative, a website that I recently co-founded, about this. In the article, I suggest 15 different items (plus, some bonuses), mostly for amateur or hobbyist photographers, that could be great gifts. Check it out here: https://www.photographerscooperative.com/single-post/2017/12/10/15-Awesome-Gift-Ideas-for-Photographers

Marcus Whitman 1Marcus Whitman 1


here's the video I made before writing the article - the description contains more example images than the article, so that's why I'm including it. Thanks! Subscribe if you will :)

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Who Should You Hire for Your Walla Walla Wedding? https://aarongrubb.com/blog/2015/12/who-should-you-hire-for-your-walla-walla-wedding  

Recommended Vendors in Walla Walla

Planning a wedding can be stressful for many reasons, and one of the major reasons can be finding the right vendors to fulfill your needs. You can read reviews, of course, but sometimes there aren’t many, or they are mixed, so how do you know who’s going to be amazing and who might leave something to be desired? I’ve worked with a lot of people in the Walla Walla area and have experienced the good and the bad, so I’ve put together a list of recommended vendors to help you in the decision making process.



People often underestimate the importance of hiring a planner. I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to that have, on one extreme, gone beautifully smooth, and on the other extreme, were painfully chaotic. Many of the chaotic or, at least, off schedule weddings I’ve experienced have not had a planner. I always recommend that you hire a planner, and I've worked with Gigi from Gigi Hickman Events as well as Kylie from One Love Weddings and Events. They will guide you through planning and will be present on the day of your wedding to make sure your big event goes as planned (and to keep you sane :) ). 



The venue you choose can dramatically affect the mood of your wedding. I don’t have a single favorite venue, so I’ll list my favorites. Bella Flora Farms is nice for several reasons: they have reasonably nice spaces for both the guys and girls to get ready in and all the room you need for both the ceremony and reception. This way, everyone doesn’t have to do as much driving around, and communication and coordination is easier. Also, your vendors such as your photographer, videographer, makeup and hair specialists, and florists don’t have to attempt to make it to and from the various locations in a timely manner. Similarly, Basel Cellars, Creekstone Gardens, The Marcus Whitman, Winn Homestead, and Walla Walla River Estate provide on-site facilities. Doing everything at one facility also adds a cohesive quality to the photos and video.



Another factor that can be instrumental in helping your wedding run smoothly is a friendly, competent DJ. They aren’t just there to play music after all. Not only can they make sure that you’ve got reliable sound and a tailored music selection for your ceremony and reception, they can smooth the transitions between ‘activities’. A lot can go wrong without a professional DJ running things. My favorite DJ services in the area are Platinum Entertainment and Loney Tunes (Jon Loney). In my experience, they’ve always been professional, prompt, and on point.  



I’m finding it difficult to choose a favorite caterer, so here are my favorites:  The Olive, The Marcus Whitman, Bon Appétit, and A Chef’s Creation



Here’s a list: The Olive, Frosted, Colville St Patisserie, Hidden Valley Bakery

Details of interest: Frosted specializes in cupcakes and has some gluten-free options. The Colville St Patisserie is amazing and can provide you with a truly unique wedding cake that tastes unlike any other. They can also provide you with other delicious pastries like macarons (also gluten free). Hidden Valley Bakery is an excellent place to get a delicious, beautiful cake, and if you’re looking for gluten-free options, they are fantastic.


Tables, Chairs, Etc.

There are other places to rent tables, chairs, and other decorations, but I don’t think that Walla Walla has anyone better than Fleurissant Event Rentals and Design. They provide unique options that set them apart. From the solid wood tables to the Belgian linen sofas, their offerings exude quality and class.


Hair and Makeup

I’ve had good experiences with many of the hair and makeup artists around town. A few of note are Megan at Impress Salon, the staff at Misbehaven, and the Beehive.



My absolute favorite florist in Walla Walla is Anne at Amoré Floral Designs. She has decades of experience, talent, and craftsmanship that shows when she creates her beautiful arrangements.


Transportation & Limo

I’ve worked with Dream Ride Charters on many occasions, and they’ve always been friendly and professional. I also recently had the chance to see D’lux Limousine in action and they were great, too.


Dresses and Tuxes

I don’t have a lot to say in this category, but I’ve heard good things about Mann’s House of Brides in Walla Walla and Amy’s Bridal in Tri-Cities.



I feel I can confidently recommend one officiant in particular: Cecilia McKean 

Here's a quote from her: "I am an ordained minister offering creative wedding services written with the beliefs and values of each couple in mind.   In addition to weddings for same-gender and opposite-gender couples I also offer rituals to mark life events including house blessings, baby blessings and ceremonies honoring the ending of relationships." You can email here at ceciliamckean@gmail.com or call her at (509) 240 2494

Photo, Video, and Photobooth

Because I provide these options, I’ll be leaving this section empty :) but if I’m unable to help you with one of these offerings, feel free to send me an email, and I’ll provide you with names of people who I trust to fill those needs.



Also, here are a couple of resources for finding wedding related items:

Shop Amazon - The Wedding Store



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Brian & Aileen's Photoshoot https://aarongrubb.com/blog/2014/6/brian-aileens-photoshoot This post is a little late, but worth posting, of course. 

In the frigid weather of December of 2013, I met my friend Brian and his girlfriend Aileen at Rooks Park in Walla Walla. We didn't plan for a foggy photoshoot, but we went with it, anyway. I'm so glad it got foggy! 

They are a fun couple, as you can see. I didn't tell them to dance :)

I think the picture above is my favorite. 

Walla Walla isn't foggy consistently enough for me to plan photo shoots around it, so this was my first time shooting a full set in the fog. It was tremendously beautiful out there that day, and Brian and Aileen did a great job. 

Brian's site for his professional media company can be found here: http://www.briangurnett.com/

he's a great guy, does good work, and is located in Spokane, WA


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